Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Monogram Bag.

A while back I decided to make my own monogram bag so I went to the local Vogue Fabrics and bought some black canvas for $1.99/yd and got started.  After deciding on a horseshoe shape and sewing the bag together I broke out the freezer paper and some paint. 

The hardest part of this project was waiting for the paint to dry in between steps!  I like to use Jacquard's Textile paint.

Two green stripes!

With a white stripe down the middle.

After doing this on both sides I added the monogram.  Then I put a clear coat of varnish over all of the paint.

The finished product!  The perfect tote for the summer!


  1. This is amazing! I wish I could sew! I could handle the paint part, especially with your tutorial, but first I would need the bag. This seriously is too cute! I love the colors, the design, the monogram...I love monograms!! Great photo on the red gingham too!

  2. So cute! This is such a great idea, I love it. You should sell these.

  3. I agree with Elizabeth...I would buy at least 2!

  4. Thanks Annie and Elizabeth! Maybe we will sell some - we've been working on updating the shop with some of our pieces!