Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stacks of Firewood.

It's no secret how much we love winter and snow!  We love it even more when there is a warm fire to come home to.  It's cold outside and I am wishing I had my very own fireplace!  I love the smell of a fire, the warm glow, and the stacks of firewood are a telltale sign that there is a warm and cozy fireplace nearby.


  1. I love the stacks of firewood in the fireplace! A charming option if you don't need/want to use your fireplace...

  2. I love all of these photos...stacks of firewood really warms up a space...even if it's not burning in the fireplace.

  3. i love these pictures! at the moment we're going through so much firewood in our two wood stoves, we may stack them prettily in the house but they're gone in a day or two! maybe in the spring i can stack the wood and it will stay awhile! however the cord of wood i stacked outside was truly satisfying.

  4. this is SO much better than our gas fireplace...