Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Dogs.

If Scout had a wish list - what would be on it?

Clearly this sweater was not one of her favorite gifts!  She really dislikes any sort of sweater or coat in the winter - but in Chicago they can be a necessity.

Would love to get her one of these gorgeous dog beds made of vintage wool blankets!

This pug tent is too cute!

There will be four dogs at my parent's house this Christmas - so we could probably use a few of these - but none of them are the kind of dogs that just want to chill in the corner when there are humans around to give them attention!

Super cute dog charm needlepoint kits - a good project to do with my nieces and nephews!

Product Image
If I just filled this tote bag with Greenies Scout would be a very happy dog - they are her favorite treat.  Easy to please!

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  1. If only I could trust my dog not to destroy those beds, so cute!