Friday, April 9, 2010

Super Cute Finds at Ikea.

Rach is going to IKEA tomorrow so, naturally, I checked out their website to see if there was anything new that I wanted her to pick up for me!  Sure enough, there are some cute, new striped and polka dot finds that are adorable!

Super cute theromoses for coffee and soup on the go!

These paper cups are brilliant - I love the Kelly Green and Navy Blue!

A striped duvet and pillow shams that would brighten up any bedroom!

Polka dot fabric!  I think I have to make something with the Kelly Green and white polka dot fabric!

These striped throws would make a great baby gift!

I would love to have a few of these piled up for extra seating!

This bird tray would look great with all of these colorful stripes and polka dots!  I love the whimsical birds and colors!

On another note - I am loving this yellow and white bed! 

Found on Cozy Little Cave.  What a transformation!


  1. Ikea kills me!! Yes! I 'll take the cups and the throws...all 3 colors please. I have the bird tray and it is pure joy....all for $5.

  2. It was a crime to paint that bed.

  3. i agree angela, what a shame

  4. that is one of the coolest rooms i've seen in some time. I've spent years stripping paint from furniture, and i've put it back on again, and very occasionally, taken it all off again. the bed will live.

    lovely bed! (and blog btw, great design)